Watch Your Garden Grow :

The  Personal Gardener

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​   The Watch Your Garden Grow Difference

Personalized Service

"​Just The Services You're Looking For "

Eileen understands every individual and situation is truly unique and

one size does not fit all.

The services provided are specifically tailored to the client's particular situation. These include the soil type, location, sunlight, client's personal style, preference , needs and/or desired outcomes.

Some common situations are listed below:


  • The very talented gardener looking for a professional that truly knows a plant from a weedto help weed and care for her gardens​.
  • The client who claims to have a "black" thumb but dreams of coming home to a welcoming and pretty garden. 
  • Another may have just bought a house with expansive overgrown gardens so overwhelmed and no idea where to begin. Or a new house without any gardens.
  • Another has deer eating all their plants!
  • ​Some may just want a consultation, new ideas or training.

Eileen can be found working in gardens in Massachusetts and along the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border.

"Just The Services You're Looking For"


​​​​​Do you have or want a beautiful garden but lack the time, ability, or knowledge

to design, plant, weed or maintain it all on your own?

 Are you looking for help from not just anyone, but rather from a bonafide

gardening expert so passionate she would garden 24/7 if she could and would 

personally take care of your garden as if it were her own?

Eileen Phillips of Watch Your Garden Grow: The Personal Gardener may be just

the professional you've been looking for!