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Hi Eileen,
I just want to thank you for coming over yesterday and being so supportive during the garden tour.

It turned out to be a pretty good tour after all, and even with all the rain. I think it was extremely successful for the club and I know my garden has never looked better thanks to you!"


​​"You have made me so happy!

My backyard looks absolutely beautiful.

What an amazing difference!

I would love to have you back.

Thanks again for doing such a beautiful job"


"Love It! You planned so nicely for spring flowers! I really like the Allium in the backyard too!"

"Ilove it !!! There is so much, I wouldn't have thought to do. I really didn't know what I was doing. I'm so glad you are here with your skills and your eye.​ My profound appreciation."


​​​​​​"Hi Eileen,

​We have been watching our gardens

develop during the past months,

the tulips and daffodils were beautiful!

The gardens in front of the house are

beautiful and growing happily.

We appreciate so much all the work

you've done for us.

It's a big yard with a lot of space for

gardens and you got it under control for us

and gave it some form"

"Just The Services You're Looking For"

"I used the services of Watch Your Garden Grow and was totally blown away with the job Eileen did.  She transformed my large garden and it was a joy to watch everything come up all summer long.Eileen was very easy to work with and incorporated my vision along with her ideas and the outcome was awesome. I would highly recommend Eileen for any garden projects; I know I will be having her back in the spring!" 

Collette H